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How to Get Picture Perfect Wedding Images

The day I took this photo, the bride said to me, “That is all I could have ever wanted in a wedding photo.” She started to cry tears of joy, and then I started to cry as well.  I thought it was one of the most beautiful images I had ever taken. The thing to…

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Trust Me, Seeing You Dancing Can Be a Real Thrill for the Guests

This past week I had the absolute pleasure of presenting at Kevin Kubota’s Photographer’s Ignite in New York City.  One of the main points of my “Stripping away the Stereotypes”   talk was that to really blend in at weddings, we need to be able to get in the mix on the dance floor.  Knowing…

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Dancing with the Dancing Photographer: Webisode #3 Spins & Turns

Happy New Year and Happy Wed-Dance-Day to you all! Over the years whenever a groom has confessed to me his worries about the first dance, the advice I always give them is the same: really all a girl wants is to be spun. I don’t know why we like it so much, but we REALLY…

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